Subscribe to Recurring Orders for Free Shipping!

Being a part of recurring orders will make sure that you have +5 when you need it every month. Your card will be charged on the same day every month, and you will receive your new shipment at the same time every month. Worry free and hassle free! Don't go without your daily +5 again. 

How do I sign up for recurring orders?

It's easy! Before adding product to your cart, you will have the option to choose one time purchase or to subscribe. Click subscribe, then add to cart, and it will show that you have a product that will recur each month.

What if I want to have a recurring order for myself and just purchase an extra box for my friend to try, not recurring?

We would love for your friends to experience +5 also! So, we made it easy for you to add an additional box without making it recurring. After you have added your recurring box or boxes, go to the product and make sure you choose "one time purchase" and add it to your cart. The cart should specify by item whether it is recurring or a one-time purchase. 

What if I decide late that I need to change my recurring order to 2 boxes a month instead of just one? 

That's easy! After you have made an account with +5, you will have the ability to change your subscription at any time. Do note, however, that if you cancel a subscription, then start back again, you will no longer have free shipping.

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