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How much of each fruit and vegetable extract or powder is in +5?

Antioxidants and ORAC Units seem to be popular “buzz words” in the nutritional industry. Can you tell me more about the high ORAC value of +5?

What does “Natural Flavor” consist of?

Where do the fruits, vegetables and Aloe Vera come from to produce +5?

Since +5 is concentrated, will it upset my stomach or cause a reaction if I’m not accustomed to it?

How does +5 compare to the popular fruit and vegetable capsules?

Is there any Clinical Research on +5?

Is +5 organic?

Is +5 safe for diabetics and those who have issues handling sugar?

+5 says it is gluten free, but it contains fiber. Where does the fiber come from, if not from a form of gluten?

. Is +5 considered a cleanse?

Is +5 considered an energy drink or will it give me more energy?

Is +5 FDA approved?

+5 has such an amazing sweet taste, how is this possible with only 5 grams of sugar and no artificial sweeteners?

What makes +5 different from all of the other water enhancers?

How much Fiber is in +5 and why is it so important?

I understand that green cruciferous vegetables contain Vitamin K which has been known to naturally thin one’s blood. Since +5 contains broccoli and kale, will it interfere with the efficacy of Anti-Coagulants / Blood Thinning medications (warfarins)?

. Is +5 used to treat illness?

What are the health benefits of using +5?

Does +5 help with brain related disorders such as ADHD, ADD and ALZHEIMER’S?

Does +5 help with reducing inflammation or joint pain?

Does +5 help with Weight Loss?

Does +5 help with Allergies?

There have been concerns regarding the safety of consuming too much Aloe Vera. Since the main ingredient in +5 is whole leaf Aloe Vera, is it safe to drink everyday?